Interviewing Kaitlin Maria Filippini: the Phenomenal Violinist, Creative Composer and Researcher of Omaha


Kaitlyn Maria Filippini. Pic courtesy: Joe Shearer/The Gateway

In the last couple of years, while writing as a freelance correspondent/contributor for the University of Nebraska’s student newspaper ‘Gateway’, I had the opportunity to meet some extraordinary creative talents in the domain of music, humanities and fine arts and talk to them about their craft. Kaitlyn Maria Filippini, a former alumni of the University of Nebraska at Omaha happens to be one such personality who has been quite a showstopper in the Midwest USA not only by virtue of her extraordinary feats in violin, but also in combining the disparate pursuits of music and neuroscience. Interviewing her for ‘Gateway’ was eye-opening in how I attempted to understand how the creative and cognitive process of music has been rediscovered in her life. The article, originally written by me, has been edited by Krystal Sidzyik, the entertainment editor of ‘Gateway’. Read on to find out more about this phenomenal woman:


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