Rowing: a Vision in Collaboration


‘Contemplation’: an image captured by Souvik Chakraborty, published by the esteemed ‘Stark Magazine’

Note for the readers: This is my first attempt at Ekphrasis, using art to inspire poetry. The inspiration for this poem in five segments or fragments came from this mesmerizing image captured by my friend Souvik Chakraborty. Based in Pittsburg, USA, Souvik is a researcher and an avid photographer who has already won accolades for his photos nationwide. This particular photo, titled ‘Contemplation’ has already been published in the prestigious ‘Stark Magazine’. Follow this link and find out more about the picture and the publication:

Besides, Souvik has also been the Author on Focus in another photo magazine, where he also talks briefly about his photographic journey and his stint with the camera:

My heartiest congratulations to Souvik for this publishing success, and I thank him wholeheartedly for inspiring me for this synergy of art and poetry. In this poem, I have attempted a spiritual journey behind the picture in fragments. Here is how it goes:


Rocking your boat as if a child’s cradle

Sailing in safe, tranquil water

With the flows that you compose,

Drifting with the gentle, caressing breeze.


The gentle breeze does not know

Any specific rhyme or reason,

Or vision of a raw, devastating beauty.

His is the quiet song in the silhouetted night,

Painted in the pale horizon of insomnia eyes.


All that is left is the sun mourning

A shout of lament as purple life fades inside out.

The sky darkens and cools, illuminating, falling,

The river chanting its crescendo and fall.

A calling, a humming, a soliloquy of the earth.


Dreams scream out what the reality cannot hold,

They stay right there, watching over the birds in the sky,

Walking upon the clouds in a spiral of anonymity.

The birds, they have taken flights of fancy

Watching you rock your boat

From ethereal space.

No smothering, no force, no staleness,

No cryptic tracks, no walk, no pause confined by normality.

A sacred text of symmetry sketched in languid love,

Together, they will trample the scars in an upward light.


Tonight, I am in need of your mast and anchor,

I am chased by your endless wafting.

Following your infinite blue

Suppressing and hiding in currents.

I have lost the shore of your substance,

Searching through unkempt angles and corners

Dwindling in the settled darkness of sanity.


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