‘Teen Kanya: Samapti’: Tale of the Rebel


The young Aparna as Mrinalini. Image Source: http://www.banglatorrents.com


Remembering the beautiful Aparna Sen in her teenage years as Mrinalini or ‘Pagli’ (the crazy girl) in the movie adaption of Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Samapti’ (The Ending)–the girl with tattered sari and unruly hair, with dreamy, lustrous eyes, full of rebellion and angst that in the end turns to sweet surrender. Remembering the portrayal of endearing love that evolves and gains momentum with time, while the tomboyish girl gradually settles into docile domesticity. However, I am totally in love with the rebel with an independent mind who fearlessly sat in her nuptial bed and demanded: “Amake jor korbe keno? Ami ki khuki? (Why did they force me into this marriage? Am I a child?)” The rebel who stealthily crept to the terrace, climbed a tree, slept in a swing the entire night, nurtured a neglected animal, was one with the dirt, mud and soil of the quaint, uneventful village, who learnt to love the man, pine for him, who had once imposed himself upon her.

A full write-up on the trilogy of ‘Teen Kanya’ directed by Satyajit Ray is hovering in my mind now, let’s see how soon I am able to lay it down on paper. For the moment, sharing with you the untamed sweetness, the rural simplicity and the saga of unusual love:



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