‘The Hummingbird, Lingering, Living’

My poetic rambling and humble tribute to my favorite singer, Geeta Dutt on the auspicious occasion of her birthday, November 23. Also sharing a very amateur sketch I had made in her memory, long back, probably in 2002.

So delighted to have it published in Learningandcreativity.com, a beautiful online resource on literature, film and fine arts, in ‘101 years of Indian Cinema’.



The poem has also been shared on Geeta Dutt’s fan page in Facebook, ‘The Magical Voice of Geeta Dutt’. Thank you Antara Nanda Mondal, editor of L&C, for everything!


Image credit: Lopa Banerjee


Iridescent, calm, those eyes shone with so much love
As you hummed along, the world seeped in your bird songs.
The cascade rippled, gushed, flowed along
Harmonious rhymes, tailor-made for us
Caught between the crossfire of love and pining.

That hummingbird, caged within your fragile body
So full of dreams, clutching the transient luster
Of a tinsel town, harsh, cold, camouflaging your desires.

Your songs, a cult trudging the serene paths of love
While the world relinquished in their balmy presence,
There was no remedy to the abysmal core
Where you kept drowning, worn out, famished
Tangled in the maze of Bollywood, a whirlpool
That had sucked all bounty you had to give,
All passion, all ecstasy, as you lay still, one day
Lingering, watching over, in wreaths of silence.

Dark is the night as I listen to your refrains of love
They swirl around the room, bleeding
In the crescendo of life, exploding,
As you have bled, and died in love,
Drifted away, lingering, living.

Copyright: Lopa Banerjee. November 23, 2014

A glimpse into her life, her  and her musical persona:


2 thoughts on “‘The Hummingbird, Lingering, Living’

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  2. So honored and humbled to have this humble tribute of mine included in Learningandcreativity.com 🙂 Thanks a bunch to Antara Nanda Mondal, editor of Learning and Creativity!

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