River Deep: The Pain and Dance


Mother-daughter love. Image source: us-indiaartculturecenter.org

My special new year gift from ‘Cafe Dissensus’, a fictional narrative of a mother and her daughter, their patriarchal trappings and their shared wounds. As a woman, as a mother of my two girls, this will remain a piece extremely close to my heart. This is also my humble tribute to the battered women of India, suffering the evils of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and the evils of female infanticide. Thanks to Mosarrap Hossain Khan and Mary Ann Chacko for publishing this modest attempt of storytelling that I indulged in, and my special thanks to the members of ‘Rejected Stuff’, the wonderful poetry and writing group in Facebook for inspiring me to write this piece. I also dedicate this story to my two daughters Srobona and Sharanya, and to all of my friends who are blessed to have daughters. Let us celebrate and cherish them, always!

Sharing some excerpts from the short fictional piece with you here:

“A dash of turmeric, dollops of garam masala in the skillet. She cooks the crisp air of her desires that evaporates with the simmering, hot lentils. She scissors her desires into shreds, while a bird dances in her throat. She swallows its rebellious song along with hard chapatis and slaps. A mighty shout stiffens her, followed by cussing and thrusting, entering her in the dead hush of a cramped bedroom. Inside her, silence swells, grows out of her, seeking shelter in every cell of her body. The silence is the gulmohar tree of her long forsaken home, the rush of sunny faces, and the sweet soil of her childhood town.”

Copyright: Lopa Banerjee. December 2014

To read the full narrative/story, do visit:




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