My First Short Story at B’ Let Me Not to The Marriage of True Minds


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How do you define love in your lives? Has it been a temporary sickness, an epidemic that has followed you ever since you have known your senses, your being? Is there a love interest, an unrequited one that has haunted you in your later life? Do you believe in the language of pristine love that binds you all your life, no matter what the circumstances of your life do to you?

It is a pleasure to share my first full-length short story published at, “Let Me Not To the Marriage of True Minds”, where my protagonists ask themselves questions regarding the true nature and essence of love. A triangular love story based in Kolkata, India, a wayward journey of memories, nostalgia, pain and attachment that binds Sukanya, Aniruddha and Ayan together. Hope the readers will enjoy exploring the journey.


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