Darkness, My Old Friend, Glad To Be One With Thee


Has skin color/tone/complexion ever been an impediment/obstruction in your journey to seek love and acceptance? As for me, I have always believed that beauty is skin-deep and appearance is only the gateway through which you enter a person’s mind and spirit. My personal essay/story in Morsels & Juices is a peek into three generations defined by darkness and unadulterated love, where I also speak of the typical Indian/Bengali ‘Shoshurbari’ (in-law’s place) and its discrimination based on skin color. This is a story which has been on my mind ever since I got married, and after almost a decade, I happily give voice to it.

Dedicated again, to the loving memory of my mother who had taught me to love myself unconditionally.

“I was born only a couple of days back and resting in her arms. My dusky mother planted a soft kiss on my forehead the day she first met my baby skin, brown, drooling, eager to be one with her. Her offspring breathed close to her, a far cry away from the plastic perfection of fairness that was everywhere around her. She looked at me, a pre-term baby in skin and bones, at my chiseled nose and pouted lips. “You are beautiful, my baby girl, and you are just what I had imagined you to be”, she whispered to me, while my tall, fair and handsome father roamed around us, held me sometimes, fragile and wailing.”

This is a little excerpt of the story where I have addressed the issue of being dark, beautiful and free in a color-obsessed patriarchal society where I have grown up. Do read the full story here and leave your valued comments, friends!




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