Roots and Meanderings: My Foreword and Review

My first foreword as an author for ‘Roots and Meanderings’, a soulful anthology of ten short stories by ten writers published by ‘Learning and Creativity’. The book is now available in Kindle Edition on Amazon. In my foreword, I have tried to capture the simplicity and creative spirit that forms the core of the stories presented in the collection.

Sharing a short excerpt from the foreword here:

“The short story as an art in English literature has traversed a very interesting, dynamic journey, starting from the oral storytelling traditions of the 17th Century to the classic, timeless tales of the prolific European authors of the 20th Century including Guy De Maupassant, Anton Chekov, to the dreamy, symbolic, idiosyncratic fictional world of Somerset Maugham, O Henry, James Joyce, William Faulkner and Katherine Mansfield. Following the Second World War, the form, widely known as literary short fiction, has flourished in the pens of a delectable variety of fiction writers in the United States including the feminist authors Flannery O Conner, Tilley Olsen, Alice Munroe and also the phenomenal Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez, all of whom are considered masters of this eclectic form of modern prose.”

Please visit this page to read the rest:

Friends, do read ‘Roots and Meanderings’ — A Collection of Ten Fresh, Engaging Fictional Narratives, collated and edited by my friend Antara Nanda Mondal, editor of L & C.



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