“Crossed and Knotted”: An Intricate Tapestry of Stories Weaves India’s First Composite Novel


Cover page of Crossed and Knotted. Image courtesy: Readomania


“In Readomania’s composite novel “Crossed and Knotted”, the fourteen different writers were well faced with the challenges of achieving a unique feat while creating a well-balanced storyline that comes together like a rainbow. They had to juggle with the individual characters, events, settings and emotions of their individual stories, very much in line with their literary predecessors. However, what we see in effect is the experience of tying and untying a beautifully created knot, with the separate strands of unique and seemingly disparate stories. In other words, we explore the formation of a braid, which is meticulously tied with each and every individual story that is complete in itself, yet connected with the story that follows, ultimately giving the book its multiple layers and nuances.”

My book review of “Crossed and Knotted”, India’s first composite novel published by Readomania. A unique blend of fourteen interconnected stories by fourteen different authors. A must read!



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