Summer Rain

National Poetry Writing Month

Writing prompt: Summer rain


Image source: Summer rain by SachaKalis on DeviantArt


Blisters and burns, achingly trail
Through the soft inner molds of me.
Simmering, trying to reach for
The night sky, a canvas
Dancing with want.

Come to me, caress the folds
Of my lips, my April skin,
A pitter patter song on my roof
And let us rain,
Silver liquid drops.

We crawl in and out
Of rooms, the damp walls
Sing a lullaby
Amid the squeaking and
Wild cacophony.

I know not why
I dip my wings,
Treading through this
Wild, momentary anarchy.

Let me lay bare,
Soak in
This mad song of
The summer rain.

Lopa Banerjee. April 2015


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