Past –Unforgotten

A lovely and endearing poem by my friend Paromita Mukherjee Ojha. Do read and comment, friends!



Forget him, I absolutely cannot Ma

It isn’t so easy that I would be able to do it in a Voila!!

What seems wrong today, wasn’t so yesterday

You cannot sit on judgement on life’s ways

Life cannot be always a bed of roses

One cannot get everything that one chooses

I had to stumble, I had to fall

To learn life’s lessons, from this past treason

I know I am getting married tomorrow

I will erase all animate traces of my past

From today onwards I have left my mind fallow

That has withstood deceit so callow

I will not let my past destroy my future

Any gaping hole in my heart I will painfully suture

No matter how difficult the road ahead looks to me, I‘ll endure

I have always embarked on unchartered destinations

Without an iota of hesitation

Like a phoenix I will arise and plod ahead…

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