Jinxed Interlude

Jinxed Interlude


Image source: Morguefile.com

Tireless, I meander.

The thick, fluffy bed of saltwater tears,
I lay, I roll on it, gliding in its sand granules.
The fire inside, dark, undone.

I stare back, and the waters lap on to the shore,
Billowing softly across my face.
The faint neon lights flicker and blaze,
I kiss them, the groomed walkways,
The pirated dreams they allure with.

The blue bird, a stifled halo,
Aflame at its fallen nest.
Watching it fall, over razor bumps,
Fake voices giggle in bubbling rot.

I walk past, rub against
the sweat and trash, sticky juices
Of a failed twilight.

The jagged edges whisk, simmer, burn,
Feet to head, scattered, scarlet splotches.


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