Skin-To-Skin: The Bed Song

With the Valentine’s day round the corner, I would love to re-share a love poem close to my heart, written for the love of my life, published in Read Fingers some time back. Hope the lovers residing inside some of you will love the poem:

Skin-To-Skin: The Bed Song


Image Source: Free Wallpapers, Google. 

I love the way our beaks work
the warm musk of breath between
the surrendering, silencing us.
Silencing the way we talk to
each other about love.
I love the way you whisper and unbutton,
swing across my face, pushing me back.
Our bodies, a series of practiced curves;
the movements of pleasure in our mouths.
I love the way you rain inside of me.
The convulsive stage of flesh meeting flesh,
hands gripping hands, where we creep closer still.
I love the way I loose the shore
of our skins, moving imperfectly
through our sounds, without voices.
I love the movement, the suffocation,
the lava stewing at my rib cage.
I am tied around this waddling act,
falling over, making love
like a birdsong, gripping and grouching
unsettling, splattered in the clingy dark
of the room.
I love the way we settle
Between pillows, pulling down,
Thrusting up, quivering inside,
Your senses floating, lapped at my knees.
I love the way the smoke and flame
Of our bodies retire, while we are
Consumed, unbound, resting.
Our only true love, a slippery, playful,
Impish text, our smells lingering, living.

The published poem can be viewed here:


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