Peace Reads, Read Elephant Foundation reviews Defiant Dreams

Wonderful news on the International Women’s Day 2016!

Peace Reads, Red Elephant Foundation writes a glowing review for our book ‘Defiant Defiant Dreams_bookDreams: Tales of Everyday Divas’, and places the book among stellar works of literature including William Dalrymple’s ‘Return of a King’, the phenomenal ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ and the likes!! A BIG THANK YOU to Readomania, my soul sis Rhiti Bose, all our brilliant storytellers and Indrani Ganguly who have been the pillars of support for an endeavor we had so humbly started, but gathering momentum slowly and steadily. The Red Elephant Foundation also tweets the book as an important book to read on ‪#‎IWD‬ 2016!!

Also, our heartiest congratulations to Kirthi Jayakumar for her book ‘The Dove’s Lament’ that also makes its place in this esteemed literary list!


To read the review, do visit:

To visit the home page of Peacereads, do visit:




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