Hemorrhage: A Prose Poem

“Hail you, woman, who do you love so, the bleeding yarns of your footwork nudging his needs? Is it a ramp, or a catwalk in seductive slivers of silk and embroidered, perky clothing, where you float around, your kohl-lined eyes, barbecued in the carnival of sweaty, sloppy, alcohol-littered breath?


Painting: by Sufia Khatoon, poet, social activist, curator of Art Fair, Kolkata and co-founder of Rhythm Divine poetry group, Kolkata, India.

“Soon enough, you would grow up, your breasts would ripen, bounce, in the wilderness amongst beasts”, the world had whispered in patches and freckles of adult talk. The feet had then blistered and burnt in the gushing secrets of your newfound shoes, as you crisscrossed, hopped through the sylvan steps, trailing through blocked, clogged pores.

Whose name do your feet scribble on the banks of the insistent scarlet flood, as the shards of the night come over to you in spurts? Whose name do you call out, huskily, rustling, while your fingers and bones fail you, scraped, twisted, painted in the graveyard of your bridal dreams?”

Some excerpts of my prose-poem ‘Hemorrhage’, which is inspired by a painting by Sufia Khatoon, published in Incredible Women of India on the occasion of the 6th Woman Scream International Poetry and Arts Festival 2016, initiated by Jael Uribe, a poet and activist from Dominican Republic.

The recording of the entire piece in Youtube:

To read the full poem published in Incredible Women of India, do visit:



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