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In this collection of 70 poems, most of them born as lunar musings in the wee hours of the night, the poet, sometimes as a child woman, sometimes as a restless sojourner, celebrates the splinters and shards, the broken pieces of life in its continuum. The poet sees her womanhood evolve with these poems as both life and death have spoken to her in myriad hues through the diverse trajectories of these wayward verses.

Let the night sing_Lopa Banerjee


Honorable Mention: New England Book Festival 2017

International Reuel Prize for Poetry 2017, instituted by The Significant League and Autism for Village Project Trust.

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In this collection of two novellas and six short stories of Bengal’s illustrious Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Galpaguchchho’, translated into English, the women are the unmistakable nucleus of the fictional narratives. Whether it is the deep, brooding world of Charulata and her affectionate bonhomie with brother-in-law Amal in ‘Nastanirh: The Broken Home’, or the world of the lonely, feisty Giribala in ‘Manbhanjan: The Appeasing’, the surreal world of the mute girl Subha, or the two disparate worlds of Sohinee and Neela, mother and daughter, colliding with each other in ‘Laboratory’, the feminine subjectivity in an overarching patriarchal setting is not only noteworthy, but unforgettable. The diverse trajectories of all these women have been traced in the selection of the tales, ranging from Charulata, the reticent woman belonging to the aristocratic gentry of the 19th Century Bengal to Sohinee and Neela of ‘Laboratory’ (written just a year before Tagore’s death) who are amorous, sensuous and also ostentatious, never hesitant to speak their minds. All these eight works of fiction by Tagore are deep, enthralling sagas where women have been scripted in an inimitable, powerful aura. The translator has sincerely attempted to portray the essence of their complex emotional world, originally depicted by Gurudeb Tagore.She has received the International Reuel Prize (Category: translation) for ‘The Broken Home’ in summer 2016.

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“As page after page unfolds, we travel with her to her
mother’s kitchen in Kolkata, almost smelling the tantalizing
aromas wafting across to us as she cooks succulent summer
vegetables, see the brittle, wooden windows of her home, stand
there with her on her rickety balcony, eavesdropping on her
dreams and hear the thud of the cats jumping into the kitchen
and also bask in the patch of sunlight falling diagonally over the
front door of her Omaha home. We are there with her in her
inner sojourns, and also there listening to the rumblings of her
pent-up thunder.”

Dr. Santosh Bakaya, author of Flights From My Terrace, The Ballad of Bapu writes in her foreword to my debut memoir/nonfiction novel THWARTED ESCAPE: AN IMMIGRANT’S WAYWARD JOURNEY. te_cover


Honorable Mention: Los Angeles Book Festival 2017
Journey Awards recipient (2014), hosted by Chanticleer Reviews and Media

Paperback: 236 pages
Publisher: Authorspress (2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9352074254
ISBN-13: 978-9352074259

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Tales of Everyday Divas – a collection of 24 immensely inspiring stories about ordinary women—mothers, daughters, brides-to-be and wives — rising to extraordinary challenges (co-edited by Lopamudra Banerjee and Rhiti Bose)

Given the title of this book, it did not surprise me that the 24 female protagonists of DEFIANT DREAMS are all heroines, each in their own way, defying cultural, religious and familial conventions to improve their lot. What did take me entirely unawares was the sheer diversity of the stories in this expertly written and curated collection. Through this anthology, the reader enters a world where a single woman living alone can be persecuted as a witch, where the marriage of a female child is deemed more important than her education and she is valued only as a piece of property by her husband and his family, where – for a woman – the idea of self-fulfillment beyond simple survival and the avoidance of starvation often seems impossible. Yet the common thread throughout these compellingly realistic tales is one of perseverance and courage – resilience that lights up every page of even the darkest experience. Each writer has uniquely brought to life their own take on the book’s theme – reaching down to the depths of despair where hope is born. Not the cock-eyed optimism of fairy tales but the determined placement of one foot ahead of another on the path to freedom.

Highly recommended for anyone who wishes to feel their heart stretch to contain the beauty, pathos and yes – defiance – of these Everyday Divas.

Joyce Yarrow, Author, Pushcart nominee, USA.

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THE BROKEN HOME: English Translation of Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘NASTANIRH’ (novella) (Kindle Edition)

An English translation of Rabindranath Tagore’s novella, ‘Nastanirh’, which was aptly filmed by ace filmmaker, Satyajit Ray as Charulata.

Lopa Banerjee’s translation of Rabindranath Tagore’s Nastanirh (The Broken Home) is a fine one. When it came out in Café Dissensus, I used to anxiously wait for each installment and devour it at once. The novelette in translation, which was serially published has been made into a book now and it is very heartening to see it published and made available to a wider audience, to spread knowledge of a beautiful story by Tagore and thus ultimately of the riches of Bengali and Indian literature in its own way. Anyone remotely interested in literature, fiction, Bengal, India, translation, love, and women’s psychology should get hold of this book and read it.

Dr. A.V. Koshy– poet, critic, editor and anthologist

Print Length: 92 pages
Publisher: FinalDraft Editing & Publishing Services (18 May 2016)

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Darkness There But Something More Ghost Stories Anthology – Horror Stories Book – Haunting & Thriller Stories

Co-edited by Dr. Santosh Bakaya and Lopa Banerjee

Who has not been intrigued and enthralled by the spirit world, ghosts, other-worldly beings, or in other words, the paranormal? Ambiguous presences around us, whether in the form of orally narrated stories by our grandparents, or in the form of haunting, riveting supernatural stories in books and movies have held us in their spell, engaging, alluring us even to this date.

In fact, the prominence of paranormal investigators, ghostbusters and others documenting the other-worldly in today’s age overpowered by science and technology only points to the fact that we crave to push our boundaries as rational beings and delve into the phenomena which we cannot define or explain tangibly.

This anthology of 30 selected ghost stories by authors dispersed all over the globe celebrates the spine-chilling thrills and sense of awe and bewilderment of this very inexplicable world inhabited by the other-worldly beings. Come, experience the cataclysmic, weird, and at times, benevolent spirit world and you will never have a dull moment in this roller-coaster ride!

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