Rebirth: A Dream

Between this life and beyond
Where the flesh tickles unsatiated hunger
Where the soul hovers in unknown splendor,
I do not know where the trail leads to,
Circling over uncertain bends.

In a life beating its chest,
Primal, naked, passion and wants ablaze,
Beauty watches itself trickling, bit by bit,
Like pelting raindrops, upon the hour-glass of time.
The flesh surrenders, the blood freezes,
The epitaph of its grave imprinted
In faith and remembrance.
The endless blue beckons, a different home for perpetuity.

I know that in every birth, human or not,
I will resuscitate in the womb,
Murmuring in angelic sounds,
Eager to germinate through splattered splashes
Of blood and the leftover wounds
Of a life that lay behind,
Compromised, forgotten, cold, fading.