Scattered Pearls – “A Love Letter to the Mighty Niagara Falls”


“Your resolute ripples, the sheer beauty of your Godly, cascading canvas had been etched, in indelible strokes, in my deep, innermost recesses. For the first time, my mind was soaking in your paintbrush and your palette that had created this beautiful, rippling symphony of azure blue and foamy white, a portrait that was eternally still in its resolute, constant flowing, yet perpetually moving in its timeless continuity.”

‘A Love Letter to the Mighty Niagara Falls’, my travel narrative or photo essay that wistfully speaks to the Niagara falls that was once my ‘cherished sanctuary’, published as my April column of ‘Scattered Pearls’, at B’Khush. Do read and enjoy the journey.

The Closure

Remembering my mother Rama Bhattacharyya on the month of August, which happens to be the month of my birth and her death. A couple of days following her first death anniversary, I would like to dedicate this piece published in ‘Northeast Review’ to the loving memory of my Ma. In this personal essay, I have attempted to trace my spiritual journey to Puri, Bhubaneshwar and Konark in the holy land of Orissa, India, following her ‘sraaddha’ (late rites) rituals last year, as per the Hindu religious rites. Hope she has found ultimate peace and salvation in an eternal kingdom of love. Rest in peace, Ma!

All my thanks to the editors of ‘Northeast Review’, especially to the Nonfiction editor Sumana Ray for accepting and publishing this narrative nonfiction piece which will remain the closest to my heart forever.

‘Here and There: The Diaspora Universe’

On July 1, I have been a small part of the specially themed issue of Cafe Dissensus, ‘Here and There: The Diaspora Universe’. My short personal essay ‘Scattered: Walking: The Point of No Return’ is featured here alongside the powerful, inspiring fiction and nonfiction pieces by some excellent writer friends of mine. It is an honor to me, and I would like to thank my friend, fellow writer and translator Bhaswati Ghosh for editing this wonderful anthology dedicated to the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of diaspora living. Also, my thanks to Mosarrap Hossain Khan for coming up with this wonderful online journal. Do read it!